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Foods of china which makes other countries different from them

Chinese love to eat, and their food includes a large variety of ingredients like meet, vegetables, fish, and even insects for some of their dishes.

Some of the most popular among them are


Spring Rolls is popular all over China, especially in the south. This traditional Chinese food is wheaten crust wrapped with fillings, and then deep-fried to be golden.The filling can be either sweet or savory depending on your preference. For a sweet filling, sweetened bean paste is a good choice.The fillings can be meat, mutton or varied vegetables.


Chinese meat ravioli or Jiaozi in Chinese, is a food that can be made and cooked in many different ways. It is filled with beef, pork, shrimp or veggies but never chicken! They can come steamed or fried and, man, do they taste good. Even though they are regarded as a staple of dim sum which is local to southern China—dumplings are found all over the country and are of high demand.


Fried rice is a very simple but popular Chinese cuisine and is a very homely dish in Asian area.The non-rice ingredients used in this dish are greatly varied, like egg, vegetable, meat, sausage and seafood, etc.Just like wonton, fried rice in different areas also has different flavors.

1) yangzhou Fried Rice

2)Cantonese Fried Rice

3)Fujian Fried Rice

An authentic fried rice is  made from cold rice that has already been cooked by steaming. The use of leftover rice and other leftover ingredients, especially egg, is common when cooked at home.


Chow Mein is a Chinese term indicated a very convenient and popular dish in China.Chow means “fried” and “mein” means noodles. Generally speaking, a stir-fried noodles will include noodles, meet,vegetables etc.Even the widely-loved Pad Thai is evolved from Chinese Chow Mein.


Hot Pot is a very popular dish in china nowadays. It origins from north part of the country, today it is welcomed both south and north China.Hot pot is a stew of meat and vegetables cooked in a simmering pot of soup stock. It can be roughly divided into two types: spicy and not spicy.t is also a popular dish during festivals, as the booming hot pot symbolizing a booming luck and flourish.making it one of the most comprehensive dish in the world.

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